About Us

About Us

Welcome To Hair Love!

Hair, it's one of your most important assets – up or down, long or short, curly, wavy or straight. Everyone’s hair is different with its own set of challenges. Hair Love’s hair care & growth accessories and gummies will not only help you protect and grow your hair, they’ll help you love your hair.

Hair Love by Quai is a hair accessory line provides women with curly hair the knowledge, resources and accessories they need to grow and take care of their hair. All under one roof... or in this case, all under one URL :)

Our product list includes hair care & growth accessories as well as hair growth gummies. My mission is to help women all over the world take care of their hair and achieve their hair growth goals.

What Makes Us Special?

What Makes Us Special?


We understand the stresses of growing and maintaining curly hair. Our products are created FOR you!


Whether you're looking for hair growth products, hair care products, or just general hair-related information, we have you covered on all ends.


5% of the proceeds go to Lupus Canada and Black Lives Matter

Hello! My Name is Quai Myers

I'm the Founder & CEO of Hair Love. Growing up, I’ve always had a hard time with hair growth and how to manage/maintain curly hair. It was always a struggle to find the right products that work specifically for my hair and when I found those products, I would have to get additional accessories elsewhere

This is when I realized that my problem could be solved and would also benefit plenty of other women with curly hair! Hair, it’s one of your most important assets - up or down, long or short, curly Wavy or straight. Everyone's hair is different with its own set of challenges. This became the birth of Hair Love

10 fun facts about hair Love by Quai

1) Our CEO, Quai Myers, is born and raised in Toronto, ON, Canada. Cool eh?!
2) Our Vitamin Gummies are made in the USA in FDA inspected and approved facilities.
3) Hair Love Vitamin Gummies taste super yummy - if you like berries and/or candy, you’ll love these gummies as they are made with the juice of real berries!
4) Our Vitamin Gummies support hair growth because of our awesome ingredients such as B12, Biotin, etc.
5) We love our curly-haired gals, but our products and vitamin gummies can be used by both women and men!
6) Our detangling brush can tackle the super curly hair as well as bone straight hair.
7) Our satin bonnet and silk scrunchie are the perfect solutions to dry, dehydrated hair.
8) Our scalp massagers are bound to boost hair growth as scalp stimulation is a proven method of adding length to your hair.
9) Hair Love by Quai doesn’t just sell hair accessories and vitamin gummies - they strive to empower women and promote self-care & love.
10) 5% of all sales go to Lupus Canada and Black Lives Matter.

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