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Hair Vitamin Gummies
Mishele Morgan
Still too early to tell. But the shopping experience was good

I am giving 3 stars because I’ve only been using the product for 2 months. I bought my first bottle in store and decided to to subscribe through the website. Therefore, not enough time has passed to see any significant hair growth.
The shopping experience was really good. The seller communicated and kept me updated. The product arrived within the timeframe. The product arrived well packaged without damage or defects. I would shop again with this store and recommend.

Comb order

I ordered the comb in Nov and didn’t get it till 2 days before Christmas. Had to follow up with the company on my Oder and shipping 3x. When the comb came no info, just a comb in a bag and some parts. Not worth the time and hassle.

Almost flew to Canada for these scrunchies- they're that good

I bought one of the black scrunchies at a pop-up shop in the Eaton Centre back in December, wore it religiously when living in Europe, and promptly lost it upon getting home to Florida. I tried a million other silk scrunchies, mostly from Amazon or more readily available brands, and frankly, they couldn't hold a candle to this one elusive Canadian scrunchie, truly the best scrunchie I've ever owned.

After some hardcore detective work, I found out that the scrunchie of my dreams was made by Hair Love by Quai. Frankly, had they only been available for shipping within Canada, I would've gotten on the next flight to Toronto to pick mine up in person. They are THAT good. I have 3a curls that are thick at the bottom and really fine on top so finding any hair products that work so well with my hair is a rarity. I love these.

Also, the customer service is phenomenal- sending love and a big hug to whoever answered my millions of questions via Instagram DM!

Shampoo Scalp Massager
Nancy Baltazar Pulido
Great product for the shower!

I really like using this scalp massager on wash day. It's super simple to use and I feel like it definitely does a way better job than my hands! It's so soothing at the same time, which makes it a perfect self-care/beauty product to have in the shower.

Detangling Brushes
Nancy Baltazar Pulido
Best Brush Ever

This is easily the best brush I have ever tried for my curly hair. It works like magic with my hair, which is usually pretty hard to detangle. I feel like there's certainly way less breakage with this brush, and it always makes my hair look perfect!

Silk Scrunchies

Love this scrunchie…Its worth the money! Its so strong and feels amazing!

Satin Bonnets
Taylor Brus
Great Product!

Excellent quality products and wonderful customer service when I reached out with a question.

Hair Vitamin Gummies
Stefanie Josephine Budiša
Loving them

I’ve been taking them for a few weeks now and I’m starting to see a difference in my hair! They also taste really good!

Masseuse of the Future!

I'm so glad I bought this device! It feels amazing on my scalp, but it also helped me battle my stress and tension headaches! I'm at my computer for 12 or more hours a day. Within a minute I can feel the tension slipping away! The little massager tips feel like gentle finger strokes and I get to control the speed. This is my favourite beauty purchase of the year. It actually sits on my home-office desk. The USB charger is a plus.

Spritz me all day erryday!

You'd think all spray bottles are created equal, but they're not! This bottle's mist is so fine I can get the hydration where I need it without globs of water dripping over my shirt. I like to use it with my favourite daily leave-in conditioner mixed in with the water. However, I know it's important to keep my nozzle clean, so after a few days of adding leave-in I add some warm water to the empty bottle and spritz to clean the nozzle. I like to preserve my favourite things! This is definitely on my favourite's list.

The Manual Exfoliator

My scalp gets so dry! This device helps to lift all the flakes so my wash days are virtually effortless. I love it!

Hair Vitamin Gummies
Andrea Gutierrez

Easy to eat with food. Have not seen significant results on hair yet but it has been only a couple of weeks. Love them!

so yummy!

Had these gummies for a month and loved taking them! They are so yummy! I noticed my hair having less fly always and I would love to see the difference after a few months of taking them! Definitely worth trying!

Too early to give proper review

I have only had these gummies for two weeks now so I can't say whether it works or not. Plus I need to use these gummies I feel for atleast 3 months to really notice changes. HOWEVER....they taste AMAZING...and that alone will make me keep buying them. But I do need to see some serious growth 😂

Immediate results!

I have been using the hair gummies for a month now and honestly first started seeing results in my nails and body hair grow immediately. My hair (which I big chopped in August 2020) has been thicker, healthier, and grew sooo much with the help of the gummies! I can see the incredible growth especially cause it showed out in my roots VS my bleached blonde curls lol). They taste great, are easy to take, not to mention black owned company so I had to say yes to them!!!! Super glad I got these and will be coming back for more!!!

I wish I took before and after pics

My baby hair looks thicker and my overall
Hair health has improved


put some oil on your scalp and get to work- I like using this massager before bed 2x a week.

Silk Scrunchies
A must have

I need 5 more! The scrunchies can be tied tight or loose and they don’t tug at your hair-

I use this every wash day

I’ve been using this shampoo scalp massager every wash day for over a long- it really helps keep the shampoo at the roots to penetrate my scalp as I have very curly hair. Definitely recommend to anyone with curly hair

Hair Vitamin Gummies
Telfer Carpenter
Hair and nails are stronger and longer!

After just one month I can already tell that my roots are growing in stronger. I have fewer flyaways and my baby hairs are longer. These delicious gummies also seemed to make my fingernails stronger! I would definitely recommend giving these vitamins a try if you’re trying to grow out damaged hair or add length.

Silk Scrunchies
Morgan McIndless

Silk Scrunchies

Yummy and effective!

Really enjoyed these! They taste delicious and I could see the difference in the length and overall health of my hair! I’d recommend giving them a try!

The tool I never knew I needed

I adore this! It feels so great on my scalp and it helps me get the shampoo down to my scalp and through all my curls. I also use it out of the shower to help massage certain oils into my scalp with ease! A must try!

Hair Vitamin Gummies
Jordan Adrienne
Delicious and Nutritious hair growth gummies

I have been taking these vegetarian hair gummies for the past 3 weeks and I have really enjoyed incorporating them into my hair care routine. They not only look cute and taste amazing, but they have great ingredients like Vitamin C+D, biotin & folic acid, that are helping to aid my damaged, over-processed hair grow with nutrients from the inside out. I would definitely recommend adding this easy & delicious step into your haircare journey for the boost you need!

Best detangling comb

I had a tangle teaser but replaced it with this immediately. This one is so much easier to use for my 3c curls. It's actually the only brush I own.
One less star because I haven't figured out how to keep the divider part in place. It's not a big bother, but I do have to fix it occasionally.
It's great for brushing through deep conditioning treatments.

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